Be Thankful…but watch the stuffing.




So some might say it is a typical post on this day to say be thankful or give thanks to those in your life, but it goes a long way when you are trying to accomplish a new goal, succeed or in some cases just get by.

Taking family, friends and those that inspire you for granted in life is a “no” in all ways possible. Be real, be genuine and be honest to those that make your life great. Some are your emotional rock, your reality check, your laughter, your energy and your love. Every single one of them has a place in your days and this should never be forgotten.

Then there are those that are fluff, the great filler of life, the down inside our life pillow and the stuffing that eventually falls out because it just becomes exhausting trying to keep it all together. Like most people the stuffing surrounds us the most. It’s just the way life is and we are the ones that need to control just how soft we let our life get.

Remember when you fall, who will make the most difference. With stuffing the landing is soft, but doesn’t really give you any support or teaches you a lesson. It’s the easy street of life. While your rock lets you fall, feel, recover and heal the way we are meant to.

Live, learn, feel and heal….don’t get full on the stuffing. You’ll regret it in the end.


A Funny World…


It’s a funny world we live in. You can get angry, you can rebel against the cause and you can voice your opinion no matter how big or small the complaint. You can live your life with stress and you can live yourself to death trying to fight a battle you may never win. Our advice is to wake up every day and just live. Live to the best of your ability and laugh at those caught up in the rat race of life and those who forget to enjoy the minutes, moments and time we are given on this beautiful place we call earth.

We’re not a couple of hippies living off the land and seeing everything through rose colored glasses (although a VW Bus trip around the world would be a dream) We’re just two people refusing to let someone else tell us how we are supposed to live and more importantly we are two people who won’t be told to be afraid to live. Life doesn’t stop, unless you let it stop. The beauty in a day from start to finish doesn’t disappear because of one happening in the world. The journey is yours for the taking. Sit and stare at it if you want, but you will miss out on what might be some of the greatest times of your life.

The world isn’t a perfect place. But it is a perfect place to live your life and take in the awesomeness and the chances we are given.

Take each day….live, love, look, listen and laugh at everything we can. A good day will always follow.