Be Thankful…but watch the stuffing.




So some might say it is a typical post on this day to say be thankful or give thanks to those in your life, but it goes a long way when you are trying to accomplish a new goal, succeed or in some cases just get by.

Taking family, friends and those that inspire you for granted in life is a “no” in all ways possible. Be real, be genuine and be honest to those that make your life great. Some are your emotional rock, your reality check, your laughter, your energy and your love. Every single one of them has a place in your days and this should never be forgotten.

Then there are those that are fluff, the great filler of life, the down inside our life pillow and the stuffing that eventually falls out because it just becomes exhausting trying to keep it all together. Like most people the stuffing surrounds us the most. It’s just the way life is and we are the ones that need to control just how soft we let our life get.

Remember when you fall, who will make the most difference. With stuffing the landing is soft, but doesn’t really give you any support or teaches you a lesson. It’s the easy street of life. While your rock lets you fall, feel, recover and heal the way we are meant to.

Live, learn, feel and heal….don’t get full on the stuffing. You’ll regret it in the end.


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