Travel Tip #1…

Travel Tip #1…

…Ask questions, ask again for clarity and sometimes for fun, ask again (except I never do and always make Caroline do it. Guy = can’t ask for directions).

It’s not you acting like a dumb tourist, although they might think so. It’s just reassurance that everything goes the way it is supposed to go…if that even exists.

So the story goes like this. Arriving in Paris from Venice by plane, we found our luggage and decided the best way into the city center would be the train of course. It seems to be the quickest and most financially reasonable way of doing things in most big cities in Europe. So with luggage in hand, Caroline and I make our way to the ticket window. Knowing we must get from the airport to the city center, we tell the ticket agent what we need, grab our tickets and excitedly jump on the train.

We get to the train station where we must change trains and get onto the city center subway system. The ticket goes into the gate, the gate swings open and off we go for train number 2. We travel the 20 minutes or so until we get to Châtelet station, the big hub in the middle of the city. From there, we were to switch trains again on another line to get to our destination. Tickets go in the gate and a red light appears in front of us. Try our other ticket and the same red light appears. We then decide we could just exit and walk the 3 blocks or so and just bypass the train all together. Little did we know, these same tickets would be used to exit the station and lead us to freedom. We find the gate to exit with the same result. Tickets go in and the familiar red light shines brightly in our face. We then learned that our tickets were only good from the airport to our first stop where we switched trains to the city. Little did we know you had to purchase another ticket to get us into the sometimes confusing zones that the Paris subway system is split up into.

So what was the easy solution? Buy a ticket at a ticket kiosk or customer service center and be on our way. Well, that’s the easy solution. All the ticket machines are on the other side of the gate, where we needed to get to and after wandering the station like mice trying to get through the maze to the cheese, we discovered the customer service center was closed due to construction like most of the station at this time. If you would have been able to roll back the surveillance video of us in this 30 minute span that felt like 2 hours, it would have been a hysterical site to see. At some point Caroline and I were just staring at each other, in silence, utterly dumbfounded… So what was the answer to our welcome to Paris situation? Ask a military guard, who looked at us like we were some kind of travelling mutants. Seasoned travelers brought to our knees by the system, we thought we knew. With confidence shattered, tired from a 3:00 am wake-up call, running to a flight from the water transit system in Venice and now being caged like the non-paying criminals we were…we found our hero. A cleaner, who just pointed to a gate and said follow the lady with the stroller. We were free. Our criminal activity in Paris had come to end.

Travel Tip #1…Ask questions, ask again for clarity and sometimes for fun…ask again.


We Flash People…


We flash people….not the “we wear trench coats and show people our goods” kind of statement. Just one of those funny sayings you find on T-Shirts geared towards photographers. I’m not even sure why we began with this statement, it was just a way to get your attention and show you our goods.

What I really wanted to tell you about is what I like to call “The walk”. It’s basically a term I like to describe life with. The basic explanation is this. It’s the one person who compliments you in every way. The person you decide to be with in life. Grab their hand and take “the walk”.  That’s what Caroline and I decided to do and share our passion for photography, life, food, art, laughter and finding the most random forms of entertainment in people, places and more. That in a nutshell is how we started Two Lost Photographers. Not lost, by the meaning of the word. Just a statement of two people who find the beauty in life by taking a different path, the untraveled road and taking people on a ride somewhere they have never of thought of going before. We will show it to you from a different angle or take you on the road less travelled.

Too many times in life we stick to the path. We get off the path as fast as possible and make our own trail there. Make our own map and for some reasons those little gems discovered along the way, stick with us and we return anytime we are in that particular spot. We make a city, town, beach and experience our own. Now we thought it was time to share it with others.

So keep checking in with us. We have lots to show you and we will tell you some stories along the way.

For now…find a spot that lets you slow down for a quick minute. Grab a coffee and watch the world pass you by. That experience alone is entertainment and your inner laughter is worth the price of admission….when it makes you laugh out loud…that’s what I call a standing ovation.

Stay tuned…

Surf, Sun and Sand in random places…

We spent an amazing week finding out that sand can get into places you didn’t even know existed on the human body. It was so much fun, we decided to bring a beautiful model named Mercedes (Instagram @mercedesg_benz) with us.

Here’s a little behind the scenes we thought we would share.


“The only people who ever get anyplace interesting are the people that get lost.”

I think Drew and I are pretty good at that… getting lost. It’s not a fault in our opinion, it’s more of a means of accidental discovery. It works really well when you’re both not the planing type

Both of us agree that getting lost in our lives is the reason we have found each other and couldn’t be happier. So who not get lost around the globe together now? See where life takes us physically and spiritually…. I can guarantee it’s going to be an interesting ride.


We might as well start here…

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For most people working a 9 to 5 work week, it’s almost Hump Day. It’s the middle of the week that for some seems like the biggest hurdle. The monumental task to get past it and finally make the turn to your much awaited Friday release from the everyday routine you find yourself in. I picture a bunch of people staring at the clock waiting, much like we all did in school when waiting for the final bell to ring telling us our day was over. We ran out the door screaming and jumping, thinking at that time there is no better feeling than that freedom we just earned and what we call life.

So while the rest of the working world is trying to cope. Where does that leave us? Today we find ourselves walking the small cobble stoned streets of Old San Juan Puerto Rico. With cameras in hand, we are surrounded by the smells of food from every culture,  locals and tourists from every walk of life, sharing the heat that makes you want a cold glass of sangria or a rum collins and it’s only 10:00 am. This is what we do. Not the drinking part of the description (well not always), it’s the cameras in hand exploring the corners of far off places.

Our names are Caroline and Drew. Two adventure stricken photographers, travelling and capturing memories for any occasion for anyone who asks. Whether it’s a high fashion shoot (As seen in the April & September issues of Elements Magazine & the July issue of Scorpio Jin), destination weddings, engagement photos, travel, or fine art photography…we do it all. We have travelled extensively for the past 15 years exploring the sights, sounds and off the beaten path places that some people only read about. Our specialty is making these locations feel like home for anyone who wants a piece of it. We have both worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years which is amazing since we’re not a day over 21 (or at least that’s how it feels). Working in the industry has taken us too many places around the world and it’s through this travel we thought it was about time to share it with others.

Like I said before today found us in Old San Juan, taking in the culture which we have grown to love, in one of the most beautiful and historic places in the Caribbean. Completely different from the island of St. Maarten which we scouted out yesterday. This morning we quickly became adopted parents to about 30 wild cats calling the streets home. The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shores at the foot of the fort walls, while the hot sun casts warm shadows on the multi colored buildings which line the narrow streets of the old town. When you find a tree with a park bench underneath it, make sure to stop, take a seat and take in the world as it passes you by…or observe the cracked out woman calling the bench home. This is all part of the experience and these are the moments we want to share with all of you.

So stay tuned everyone. This story has just begun for all of you to take part in. But for the two of us, it continues an adventure we decided to share together 2 years ago, where we have visited Spain, Italy, France, England, Canary Islands, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Canada, USA, Mexico and all over the Caribbean Islands (12 in total) since then.

Pack light, don’t forget your passport and here we go.